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Mémoires de la Société géologique de France. Paléontologie (1890-1923)

Decided by the Conseil de la Société géologique de France, the Mémoires de Paléontologie have been created in 1890 on the initiative of Jules Bergeron (1853-1919). First published in parallel with the Mémoires of the Société, they where merged into them in 1924. Emmanuel de Margerie (1862-1953) mention them in a chapter of the jubilee book published for the centenary of the Société.

« As for the Mémoires de Paléontologie (1890-1923), one only has to recall that they contain fifty-nine distinct issues owed to forty-four different authors ; they represent together a total of 4683 pages of quarto size, accompanied by 458 plates, which are mostly direct photographic reproductions of specimens. All groups of organism and the fauna and the flora of all eras have been successively brought up in these scholarly monographs, signed by the most famous naturalists from our country. Their gathering, although disjointed, represents a first quality contribution to the knowledge of fossil animals and plants […]. »

MARGERIE, Emmanuel de, « La Société géologique de France de 1880 à 1929 », in Livre Jubilaire, 1830-1930, Paris, Société géologique de France, 1930, p. 49.

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