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Two treatises have been selected among Charcot’s personal library : Opera omnia by Thomae Willis (1682, two volumes in latin including engravings comportant des gravures) and the Traité des Maladies nerveuses, hypocondriaques et hystériques by Robert Whytt (1777). Indeed, Charcot was a bibliophile and collected books printed between the XVIth and the XVIIIth centuries.

Three atlases from Charcot’s library (by Charles Bell, A. Desmoulins and P. Blocq) enhanced the collection of illustrated anatomy atlases already digitized.

Among the Salpêtrière Interns' library, books reflecting Charcot’s successors have been selected : the Anatomie des centres nerveux by the Dejerine (Jules and Augusta Déjerine-Klumpke, who has illustrated the book), the Pratique neurologique by Pierre Marie, in which he presents a state of this discipline in 1910, and a recension of Joseph Babinski’s scientific work (1933), precededed by the first presentation of his works (1913).