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Archives de neurologie (1880-1907)

The Archives de neurologie, the subheading of which is « Revue trimestrielle des maladies nerveuses et mentales », are published under the supervision of Jean-Martin Charcot by Désiré Magloire Bourneville. Charcot brings up at once the necessity to « keep an ongoing contact between psychiatry and neuropathology » and the inevitable specialization of the medical disciplines. The new journal will allow, by publishing them, to gather, categorize and then compare the great number of works on nervous pathology. This recalls Charcot’s main concern : organization and application of a method.

In the Archives de neurologies, biennial since 1881, are published many princeps articles, reflecting the great activity of the French school of neurology, as the list of the main collaborators and the pagination (about five hundred pages per volume) show. Are also published an article written by Sigmund Freud, « Quelques considérations pour une étude comparative des paralysies motrices organiques et hystériques », and a standard reference obituary when Charcot dies in 1893.