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This site gives access to the digital version of books and scientific theses held in the collections of the Pierre & Marie Curie University Libraries. These documents, most of which were published in the XIXth and early XXth centuries, were selected for their interest, in different scientific domains.

The primary mode of access offered is the image mode (JPEG 150 dpi). The website enables navigation between adjacent pages, the displaying of thumbnails (see "page number" entries) and the use of tables of contents entries when they exist. Other features of the interface include the possibility to zoom on a page (300 dpi image), to display a page in text mode or search on the full text (uncorrected OCR), to download a document partly or in full, to have access to the search history and to a virtual brief case. For more details please refer to online help.Please refer to legal information for the terms of use of the digitized images.